October 6th 2015



8.00 - 8.45 Registration
8.45 - 9.00 Welcome by Dario Mangano

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9.00 - 10.00 Keynote by Stephane Garelli, IMD
the economic and business environment in
which we are going to operate in 2014 and beyond

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10.00 - 10.30 Coffee break and network time
10.30 - 11.30  Keynote by Philippe Nieuwbourg, Decideo
"Transform your data in dollars: real world wide
case studies and prospective ideas around data analysis"

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11.30 - 12.30 Keynote by Hans Hultgren, Genesee Academy
Data Vault Industry Highlight with an overview
followed by a quick cover of 3 industries - banking, retail and manufacturing
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12.30 - 13.30 Lunch and Network time

Afternoon Program


Parallelsessions 1 13.30 - 14.15
Session 1 A
Top 3 Evolutions... for a real BI Revolution”

Nicolas Oury 


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Session 1 B
Oracle Exadata – GMA experience choosing the optimal database infrastructure for DWH.
Mr Emiliano Fusaglia, Trivadis & Olivier Granges, Groupe Mutuel Assurances.

We'll see the way how Groupe Mutuel Assurances has analyzed the different market solutions to upgrade his IT infrastructure for the DWH in partnership with Trivadis. Examining PoC results and implementing the final solution in production environnment. We'll end with a post-production review by the company. 
Session 1 C
The evolution of Big Data

Henk van Roekel

Understanding the evolution of BI and Big Data and the challenges and opportunities that come with it…

  • Big Data, BIG commodity or BIG asset?
  • Big Data, don't think, act BIG?
  • Big Data, BIG profit or BIG liability?

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Parallelsessions 2 14.15 - 15.00
Session 2 A Client Case Smartcockpit

The SIG Corporate Cockpit
Jean-François JORDAN

Head of Controlling and Planning

Smartcockpit is proud to present Mr. Jean-François Jordan who is head of Controlling and Planning for Services Industriels de Genève (SIG).


The SIG is one of the largest companies in Geneva and engages in water, gas, electricity, and thermal energy businesses. Its activities include producing, transporting, and distributing electricity to homes, companies, and public spaces; natural gas for citizens, communities, and industries; and thermal energy to residents.


The company also provides energy services for industrial processes, buildings, infrastructure, and home comfort sectors; and manages drinking water transportation and distribution. In addition, it provides recycling and reusing services for household or industrial waste, as well as wastewater treatment services; and builds and optimizes fiber optics network that provides high speed Internet.

The company was founded in 1895 and is serving the needs of more than 250’000 customers.


Mr. Jordan will walk us through the SIG Corporate cockpits’ pyramid that covers functional areas ranging from Operations to Board of Directors. The information flow as well as the interaction and complementarity between the different tools will be highlighted.


The cockpit has truly improved the collaboration within the corporation and is today greatly enhancing the efficiency of the Directors’ Committees meetings.


Mr. Jordan will also spend some time describing some of the KPI’s that are used today in smartcockpit. These cover areas such as risks, projects, HR, finance and others.


He will present what the Key Success Factors were in the deployment of the SIG’s effective Business Intelligence environment.


Finally, Mr. Jordan will  describe why smartcockpit was chosen and why it has become a true and powerful decision and management support tool for the corporation.

Session 2 B

Business Data discovery apps with human touch

MartinTrgina, CEO of Bella Dati 

Traditional BI was typically a heavy-weight solution. Report development and data visualization cycle took months to design, code and then reiterate in between the IT department and business users. This process was mastered only by a few selected people in the organization. It does not really foster company wide data discovery. What do you think?

We hear it from everywhere: “To do business decisions effectively, you have to become a data driven company”. But it is just part of the truth. Sure, every manager wants to see human readable data. But data, that is backed by intuition and talent of trustful data analysts. Such insights have immediate impact on Key Performance Indicators.

Did you know, that probably the first known BI pioneer back in 1890 was lady Nightingale from London? She needed just pencil, paper and basic mathematical knowledge to improve performance of army hospitals. In 2014 we are at the exciting edge of business intelligence age, when BI tools are going to be totally rewritten from scratch to become useful by business users again.

To foster true business data discovery for job roles like customer service, marketing, HR, sales or operations and to help them turn data into profits and benefits faster, we should consider major changes, that dramatically impact the way we communicate, share, discover and collaborate with business data. It includes-

  1. Social network for business data discovery, collaboration, sharing with search capabilities
  2. Job role and industry focused analytics apps. Highly specialized user focused analytics apps.
  3. Reports and visualizations created by business users without coding
  4. Purely web based BI solutions, that follow the trend of BI consumerization
  5. Single application Agile BI solutions, that include layers focused on business user, data analyst,
  6. Mobile BI available on consumer products like iPhone, Samsung
  7. Data connectivity to social networks, excel, large databases without invasive IT surgery



Session 2 C

Client Case Iccube
How to handle an overview of 1000+ research projects
Arthur van den Berg

Watch the video of the presention on YouTube

The TU/e wanted a complete overview of all research projects (1000 +); not only the numbers and the contract value but also the effects of the long-term projects on their revenue stream. To make this available we introduced a new logic resulting in a unique solution for projects± the Project Browser.

The current BI tools in place lacked the flexibility to support agile development

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Session 2 D Client case Stambia
Agile BI on complex and strategic projects

How to reconcile large amounts of data, performance and agile BI

Benoit Kaluzny, Project Manager of ADEO group, a worldwide company, leader on the “Do It Yourself” market.

Meeting success in an ambitious BI project, while respecting reasonable timing and cost, is not always obvious.

Benoit Kaluzny will present the means that Adeo Group used to reach such a goal. He will remind the audience of the Stambia benefits which helped them to implement real-time BI, to industrialize Teradata data load processes and to innovate through Data Vault modeling.

You will discover how Stambia innovative and high-performing approach reconciles ease of use and productivity in data integration projects.

Coffee/Tea Break
Parallelsessions 3 15.30 - 16.15
Session 3 A

Client-case CGI
Proving value of SAP-HANA at major Manufacturer… 

Younes Benmakhlouf & Jean-Christophe Alle

This customer was experiencing major issues in the existing BI landscape, preventing effective and timely usage of information to support critical business processes, like month-end accounts closing. The existing BI landscape is the result of SAP-BW based implementation in the past, evolving over time to a scattered landscape based on the customer growing its business through various mergers and acquisitions. CGI took on the challenge to identify the potential value of bringing SAP-HANA into the mix. Would these new in-memory techniques provide a solution for the customers issues at feasible timelines and cost levels…

Session 3 B
Client-case Lintao
Top Management Cockpit : Piloting and communicating EHL strategy though KPIs

Jamil Hebali & Nicolas Oury

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Session 3 C


Client-case Team Partners
ETL for Quote Generation » or « How SITA salespeople benefit from the power of a BI tool to assemble data from multiple heterogenous sources »




  • What were the SITA business requirements and business context?
  • What solution was chosen and how did this solution fill these requirements?
  • What are Pentaho’s strengths and why was the Pentaho BI solution chosen as the BI tool for this project?
  • What are the next steps and additional added-value that can further improve upon the implemented solution?
Session 3 D Client case Microsoft
Microsoft Business Intelligence - Insights for Everyone from Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere
Mr. Tien Dung Thoi, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft Switzerland Ltd 

Empower users of all levels with new insights through familiar tools while balancing the need for IT to monitor and manage user created content. Deliver access to all data types across structured and unstructured sources.
Microsoft is in a unique position to execute this vision with familiar solutions and enables your workforce and leaders no longer needed to rely solely on instincts when making important decisions but rather base them on  facts. Facts gained from different data sources or formats, external or internal. In our session we will present the newest advancements of Microsoft BI solutions and prove their operational capabilities with several customer projects.
Parallelsessions 4 16.15 - 17.00
Session 4 A Seven necessary changes to save your BI information system
Joseph Glorieux

 "Business Intelligence architecture principles have... 20 years. I'm not sure it is an happy birthday... If we can wish that theses principles would live as long as mainframe, it will be necessary to adapt to an environment rich in change.

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Session 4 B Client Case Board international
Cross Business Intelligence platform in the oil industry


As one of the fastest growing branches of Total, they were seeking for a Business Intelligence tool able to adapt to their business model that relates to the oil negotiation and logistics industry. The company – in charge of petrol stations for mass market retailers – needed:


  • To consolidate data coming from different transitional systems and from different logistics partners
  • Give access to near real time operational indicators in order to evaluate the impact of daily oil fluctuations cost on sales performance.
  • Cross analysis of the multiple company functional areas, synchronize the purchasing with sales and logistics departments on operational data.
  • Deliver an application to evaluate the impact of costs (Euro per cubic meter) on the price positioning compared to the competitors.
  • Provide the finance department with a precise evaluation of the variance between oil row price and price after tax, for the highly tax oriented gasoline sector.
  • Provide the management with a tool that aggregates all the performance indicators that are accessible from the headquarters.
  • Require a minimum effort from the IT department for the maintenance and evolution of the system.


With BOARD, it was possible to implement a cross Business Intelligence platform that covers different functional areas such as sales, purchase, logistics, operations, credit management, finance, marketing and quality control for an extremely particular industry.


Session 4 C

It's not what you've got, it's the way that you use it!
Denyse Drummond-Dunn

Companies don't need more data, they need ways to better manage it and generate actionable insights from it. Using examples from some of the global organisations with which I have worked, I will share ideas on how to get the best ROI of your information. From understanding business needs to the pitfalls of trying to address them all, I hope to inspire the audience to address their own elephant in the room - their unused data.

Session 4 D Client case Trivadis
TCS - “ Agile Business Intelligence platform with focus on Self Service ”
Mr Humberto Veredas and Adriano Martino, Trivadis

We will see the way how Touring Club Suisse has implemented his new BI platform with agility by using  Trivadis biGenius™ Modelling, Generation and Deploying tool on the top of the Microsoft BI Suite. The platform is Self-Service with the standardization of the Success Rules. Learn how Data Vault could help you to integrate the business entities to give the global view of the customer 
17.00 Closure and Network drink
18.30 BI Award Dinner