October 6th 2015



The first Swiss BI Award will be presented on Swiss BI Day in 2014. The Swiss BI Award will go to
the most successful BI project of 2013, according to the criteria and the decision of the jury.
Any organization in Switzerland can submit a nomination for the Swiss BI Award.


The jury will consist of experts from the academic world, the media and the business community.



Purpose of the award


The Swiss BI Award recognizes the most successful BI implementations in Switzerland. It promotes
excellence in applying innovative BI concepts and achieving high-level business impact.





  1. The BI Award Board will appoint an independent jury, with a background in business,
    media and academic education.
  2. Anyone can nominate a project for the award, substantiated in writing (1-2 A4 pages).
  3. The jury will assess the motivations and collect additional information if desired.
  4. The jury will choose three projects from the nominations which will be announced a few weeks
    before the BI Day. Each project team will receive a free ticket for the BI Day.
  5. The jury will recommend 1 winner to the Board which will officially ratify that choice.
  6. The award will be presented to the winner at the BI Day.



Evaluation criteria


  1. Innovation in applying BI ideas and concepts in the organization
  2. Success of the BI solution from the user perspective
  3. Quality of the BI solution (architecture and implementation)
  4. Demonstrated benefits and impact


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Jury The jury is independent and for that reason the members are excluded from participating.
Christine Legner Christine
Professor, HEC Lausanne
Philippe Nieuwbourg Philippe
Independent analyst and journalist specialized in BI
Rodolphe Koller Rodolphe
Chief editor of ICTjournal and Netzwoche
Dario Mangano Dario
CIO Palexpo
Philippe Nieuwbourg is an independent analyst, journalist, and author specialized since 20 years in business analytics and data intelligence. Based in Montreal, Canada, he underlines everyday trends, ideas, and facts about business intelligence market through the Decideo community. He is a proud member of BBBT (Boulder BI Brain Trust) and lecturer at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal). Go to Decido to know more about him.

Dario Mangano just started a new challenge as CIO of the biggest event management company
in Switzerland: Palexpo. He previously was head of the Knowledge Management Department of
Nestlé Nespresso, based at Nestlé Nespresso Headquarter in Lausanne Switzerland . In this role,
he lead the Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management and Global Data Services
departments. Driven by the motto "From Data, To Information, To Knowledge, To Actions!" he
was responsible for defining and implementing the strategy to transform internal structured and
unstructured data into meaningful information and knowledge to support strategic decision-making.


Dario Mangano holds a Master’s degree in computer sciences and a license in group dynamics
and currently working on his Doctorate. He is also the founder of the Swiss Network of Business
Intelligence Professionals and is the author of the book: The Integrated Data Hub™.
He is the inventor of the Leaf Schema concept.


Twitter: @DarioMangano
Linkedin: ch.linkedin.com/in/dariomangano
Website: http://dariomangano.blogspot.nl