October 6th 2015

Winner first BI-Award!

The winner is Naville, with their project: An Ipad application for accountmanager

Swiss BI-Day 2014

2014 is the launch year of the annual Swiss BI-Day event and the related presentation of

the Swiss BI-Award. As the name suggests, the Swiss BI-Day event focuses on professionals
from Switzerland. Its target group is professionals in the fields of Data Warehousing and Business
Intelligence, information managers and IT managers as well as everyone who wants to know more
about what is happening in the world of data and information. The aim of Swiss BI Day is to give
participants the opportunity to share knowledge and more specifically, to network; to establish
new contacts and revitalize existing ones. Moreover, Swiss BI-Day is the occasion on which
the Swiss BI-Award is presented to the best BI project that has been set up and implemented.
An expert jury assesses the submitted projects and announces the winner.


Swiss BI-Day is proud to present a host of speakers from at home and abroad. Based on
the outcomes of a survey on LinkedIn, we have decided on a broad spectrum of speakers and
topics for the first edition.

The Swiss BI-Day and BI-Award is an initiative of the Swiss BI-Network group

Thinktank Swiss BI-Day & BI-Award
Dario Mangano Dario
CIO Palexpo
Francis Incourt Francis
Managing Director Evolusys
Boris Horquin Boris
Head of Business Intelligence Groupe Mutuel
Dominique Duay Dominique
Location manager Trivadis AG
Simone Molenaar Simone
Director BI-PODIUM

Dario Mangano just started a new challenge as CIO of the biggest event management company
in Switzerland: Palexpo. He previously was head of the Knowledge Management Department of
Nestlé Nespresso, based at Nestlé Nespresso Headquarter in Lausanne Switzerland . In this role,
he lead the Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management and Global Data Services
departments. Driven by the motto "From Data, To Information, To Knowledge, To Actions!" he
was responsible for defining and implementing the strategy to transform internal structured and
unstructured data into meaningful information and knowledge to support strategic decision-making.


Dario Mangano holds a Master’s degree in computer sciences and a license in group dynamics
and currently working on his Doctorate. He is also the founder of the Swiss Network of Business
Intelligence Professionals and is the author of the book: The Integrated Data Hub™.
He is the inventor of the Leaf Schema concept.


Twitter: @DarioMangano
Linkedin: ch.linkedin.com/in/dariomangano
Website: http://dariomangano.blogspot.nl

Francis is a pure BI guy, keen on not just technologies but more on what they can bring to a better understanding or to optimize processes.

He has a 20+ years of experience in consulting for medium to large projects across Europe dealing with numerous users and various technologies.

During this years, he spent  a while on each aspects of a BI projects : requirements, data modelling, ETL, database for large volume, OLAP, Reporting and

Data visualization.

He is now having a particular focus on end-user tools, data-visualization and finance oriented enabling technologies.

Francis is managing Evolusys SA, a team of 10 expert in both BI and Knowledge Management.

Born in 1977 in Grenoble, Boris Horquin has graduated a Masters in Computer Science at University Joseph Fourrier of Grenoble (France).
He lives in Switzerland since 2001 where he began his career as a BI consultant  for Thales-IS in Lausanne & Geneva. 
He joined Groupe Mutuel Assurances as BI expert in 2003 and since 2005, 
he is head of BI at Groupe Mutuel Assurances in  Martigny (Wallis).
His most relevant project has been the creation of a BI competence center and the complete rebuild of BI platform at Groupe Mutuel.
He designed a true Enterprise data warehouse, he recruited 12 people and organised the team, defined all the processes, implemented the change management. He defined the stategy and was at the origin of the switch of the department from IT to Finance.
Since 2011, he is co-animator of Swiss Business Intelligence Network.

Dominique Duay is a Manager justifying a long experience in the field of Business Intelligence . His proven expertise , both technical and specific to the industry and its excellent knowledge of the Swiss French-speaking market are part of its assets.

He trained at the prestigious Lausanne Hotel School and completed a post graduate education in computer science at EPFL in 1994.

Dominique Duay joined Trivadis as Consultant in 1994 . He quickly was promoted to Senior Consultant within Trivadis, before resuming a function Responsible for Discipline in the center of research and development in 2003. Dominique Duay became partner of Trivadis in 2004 and was appointed Solution Unit Manager in 2006. Since July 2013 he is responsible for the Trivadis location in Suisse Romande.

Simone is the founder of BI-Podium. She worked for 10 years for various organizations as a program manager and training consultant.

After this period, Simone established her own business in which she focuses on the interim management of training programs and the design and development of learning. Flexibility, creativity and working towards effective outcomes for both organisations and people are key to her approach. With more than 20 years of experience, Simone is well versed in the world of learning and training. She also consults with management on the training of the organization.

Simone organizes many events based on the view that knowledge sharing is an important part of continuous professional development as well as personal development. These events are of interest to the audience in terms of content and from a networking perspective. Her aim is to make knowledge sharing as accessible as possible.

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